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Small Business Survival Essentials Canada (SBSEC)

Why we came about

The Small Business Survival Essentials was put together in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, being the owners of a small business (Entrepreneurs) ourselves, we realized that the majority of the programs and services available to Small Businesses in Canada are not known about by small business owners.

Who we support

We also realized that there was no one stop shop where the majority of programs, funding programs, mentoring programs and organizations  to help small business are available and presented to Entrepreneurs with contact information and brief summaries of what they do. This is the service we offer. We have put together the most important resources and put them into the hands of small business owners and Entrepreneurs across Canada, helping them to succeed.

Your Success is our Success!

Creating awareness of what is available to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Is one of our primary functions. Mentoring, educating and providing the resources they need to bring their goals, project plans and dreams to life. We’re here to guide you and help you succeed..

Small Business Survival Essentials Canada

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